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HealthNet TPO is a Dutch aid agency that works on health in areas disrupted by war or disasters. In these areas people are facing the immense task of rebuilding society while they suffer from poverty, diseases and the emotional consequences of conflict. We use ‘health’ as both a goal and means: the goal is to reach accessible health care for all. By working on that together with local communities we use ‘health’ as a means to bring people together and to restore mutual trust.


BNR interview today 18 december

This news item is in addition to the BNR Radio interview this afternoon. This radio program is sadly only available in Dutch.

Naar aanleiding van de radio uitzending vanmiddag bij BNR zakendoen met...

Om ons nieuwe systeem van ‘financial and social inclusion’ te laten zien geven we iedereen de kans om kunstmest te donoren waarmee een gezin in Burundi zelf aan het werk kan om een jaar voedsel veilig te stellen. Een zak kunstmest kost 12,50 Via een loterij onder de mensen die inmiddels in Burundi zijn geregistreerd heeft elk gezin kans een zak te winnen. Door registratie van grote aantallen mensen is een dergelijk systeem efficient en stelt het mensen in staat elkaar te leren kennen en direct te ondersteunen. Wilt u hier aan mee doen stuur een mail naar

Vacancy: Mental Health Psycho Social Support Technical Advisor

For our head office in Amsterdam, HealthNet is looking for a Mental Health Psycho Social Support (MHPSS) Technical Advisor who will provide technical support to the HealthNet organization in South Sudan and North Iraq and the partner organization in Iraq.

BNR zakendoen met….….Vandaag is Willem van de Put te gast bij BNR radio

Today Willem van de Put is interviewed on BNR Radio, sadly the interview will only be in Dutch.

We geven in december meer aan goede doelen, dan ieder ander moment van het jaar. Het kan makkelijker, geld overmaken naar, familie, in ontwikkelingslanden en niet gebonden aan een actie of een maand. Healthnet heet het systeem en ze doen goede zaken. Willem van de Put van Healthnet en Kees Heesbeen van Auxfin zijn te gast. (BNR radio)

Major decline of malaria deaths worldwide

Yesterday the WHO presented their annual World Malaria Report 2014, the report was cause for optimism. Since it showed a worldwide decline of an impressive 47% in number of deaths caused by malaria. This substantial improvement has been the result of the use of bed net on a large scale.

Save the date: Dutch Humanitarian Summit 2015

On the 12th of February 2015 during the Dutch Humanitarian Summit thirteen Dutch aid organizations, including HealthNet TPO will discuss how the Dutch aid sector can contribute to improved emergency response to a crisis?

Vacancy: Senior Public Health Advisor – South Sudan

Location : Juba – Central Equatoria State - South Sudan with frequent travel to project locations sites (50%)
Contract date: Starting as soon as possible
Reports to: Country Director

Giro555 and relief

At this very moment the media in Holland are full of the national week of action Stop the Ebola-disaster. Sounds of confusion on fundraising and spending of the money are heard in the media. The Giro 555 actions are getting more and more mixed publicity: is a tv show really needed? Is the money well spent, and how is it distributed? Quite often people ask Healthnet what we are doing to Ebola or to the Syrian refugee crisis. If we say that our plans are ready but we first have to find the funding, people don’t understand. Giro 555 actions are conducted by the collaborating organizations (SHO), so there should be more than enough money. Why aren’t we doing anything? Do we not want to collaborate? To answer these questions we like to explain our position in relation to the SHO and the Giro 555 actions.

No peace, without peace of mind!

Every day we are confronted with images of unimaginable numbers of refugees in Syria, Iraq, the Central African Republic, the people suffering from the ebola-epidemic and others in known or forgotten crisis in our world. It seems an endless stream of women, men and children: how are the able to continue their lives after the loss of loved ones and with trust and safety being destroyed?

Blog:Working with – and not only for – IDPs in Iraq - the LRRD approach.

From the start of 2014, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq received 860.000 Iraqi Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who fled violence and unrest. These people joined the over 200,000 IDPs from earlier waves of violence since 2003, and over 200,000 refugees from Syria. The Kurdistan Regional Government, the United Nations, the humanitarian community and, last but not least, the people of the Kurdistan region are facing enormous challenges to meet basic needs. The IDPs are widely dispersed, mobile and in great need. And winter is coming.

Afghanistan: a good start, but a lot remains to be done

In 22 countries worldwide – from the US, to Japan, to France- several events focused around the theme ‘Do Not Forget Afghanistan’ are being organized. Driving force behind this campaign is the in Kabul based NGO network ACBAR. This network exists of 128 Afghan and international NGO’s who implement development projects in Afghanistan. In light of the international conference that is being organized in London on the 4th of December, ACBAR decided to call for the importance of continuous international involvement in Afghanistan.
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