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Mental Health

HealthNet TPO builds knowledge in health systems on mental health, working with governments, local health authorities and local health providers. The programmes seek to raise awareness on the necessity of integrating mental health treatments into primary health care. HealthNet TPO supports governments in implementing their mental health policies in health systems approaches; following the recent WHO Mental Health Gap Action Programme, focusing on scaling up mental health services in developing countries. This document is important as a means of advocacy for mental health to convince donors: NGO’s face the challenge that the international donor community so far rarely includes a priority for mental health in funding.

Examples of such work

Please find more information on mental health policies and approaches on the websites of WHO, Movement for Global Mental Health and the World Federation for Mental Health.

Mental disorder?

The term ‘mental disorders’ is used to refer to a broad category of disorders, such as affective disorders (major depression, dysthymia) and different anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, et cetera). Their essential features are disturbances in emotions, often accompanied by cognitive distortions such as excessive worry, negative thinking and by somatic expressions (unexplained medical symptoms that are often the presenting complaints in primary health care settings).


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