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Psychosocial Care Package Children

It is commonly acknowledged that children who undergo violence are at increased risk for psychosocial and mental health problems. Furthermore, we know that most of the political violence takes place in low-income countries where resources for care are extremely limited. How then to develop support systems that bridge treatment gaps?

This web-based resource package is an attempt to provide a care delivery framework to set up and provide community-based psychosocial care in such settings. It contains information that describes the rationale, content and step-by-step implementation of the separate components of a comprehensive psychosocial care package (such as a Classroom Based Intervention, Counseling, Clinical Supervision, Screening and Psycho-education). It includes theoretical backgrounds, specifically developed clinical and screening tools and outcomes of research conducted on these different modules of the care package.

The resources are the result of a multi-year project that aimed to develop a comprehensive psychosocial care approach for children in areas affected by armed violence in Burundi, Indonesia, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Nepal, funded by PLAN Netherlands and developed and implemented by HealthNet TPO. (Also see the Child Thematic Project).

As HealthNet TPO finds it important to share its knowledge the resource package is disclosed on our website. All modules, tools and presentations can be downloaded for free. We are aware that these resources are not a final product; rather the package should continuously expand with new modules, research and tools.


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Children returning from a psychosocial intervention, Burundi

The Care Package:

Care Delivery Framework

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