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 Since 1993, HealthNet TPO has implemented various programmes in Pakistan, Initially the projects were focused on developing sustainable health care systems through training and encouraging local communities. Warfare and natural disasters however created severe mental distress among the affected population. Therefore, HealthNet TPO increasingly concentrated on psychosocial support for millions displaced people. In 2009, a new country team was established to develop new programmes. Due to a lack of financing possibilities our projects came to an end in 2012.

The two most recent projects were:

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
An assessment in the flood affected areas of Sindh and Punjab showed trauma at both individual and group level: serious mental or cognitive disabilities (especially in young children) were determined, as well as loss of hope and future perspective. In addition, feelings of helplessness and resignation, aggressive behaviour, disaster stress, trauma and grief reactions were common. These results were followed by recommendations to Plan Pakistan’s programme. HealthNet TPO also provided psychosocial support to communities in the Buner district that were affected by the armed conflict between militants and government forces. Activities focused on raising awareness of psychosocial issues and training key figures in the communities. 

Basic Health Units
As a response to the floods in Pakistan in 2010, a smaller project was implemented to restore Basic Health Units. A total of 30 health units was renovated and equipped, temporary mobile clinics were provided and ‘health committees’ were established to improve the community involvement and the quality of care. The video on the right was used to raise extra funds for this project. 

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In 1947 Pakistan was established to give Indian Muslims their own state. Due to various disputes on the boundary lines and political governance, there was continuous turmoil and a civil war broke out, eventually leading to the separation of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (now Pakistan).

The "war on terror" that arose after the 9/11attacks, forced many people to migrate from the conflict affected areas. As a result, more than 2 million people were displaced, resulting in 234.589 people living in refugee camps and 2.087.160 individuals living outside the camps with host families or rented accommodations. Especially women and children made up a large share of the IDPs.

In 2005 and 2010 Pakistan was hit by natural disasters: first a severe earthquake with more than 80.000 dead and millions displaced, and then heavy floods with a dead toll of over 2000 people and 20 million indirect victims. As HealthNet TPO was already working in Pakistan since 1992, we supported the victims with several psychosocial projects. 

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