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Research report sociotherapy in Burundi


At HealthNet we take a certain level of pride from the so-called action research that is part of the implementation of our programs in the field. We use this kind of research to monitor and evaluate our programs and their results. Recently, we’ve completed this latest report on our sociotherapy as part of the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights project in Burundi.

In Burundi, we are implementing a 'multi layered community based and community oriented approach' of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). In simpler terms, this program centers around including communities as a whole. We work in networks of families, bringing people together in order to find solutions together. Solutions to challenges and difficulties that the community identified themselves. In this project, those are issues are related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. And so we have developed a program that addresses themes such as family planning, the use of sexual and reproductive health services by youth (birth control / sexual education) and a support/care system for victims of sexual violence. Additionally, for the most vulnerable people in the communities, we organize sociotherapy groups. 

For this program we have also conducted research, evaluating the impact of sociotherapy. The rapport shows the outcomes of the action research and the positive effects of the therapy on both the individual as well as his or her relationship with the family and community he/she is part of.

Please read our findings and the full Report Research Socio Therapy as Part of the SRHR Project 2016 here.


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