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HealthNet TPO is a Dutch aid agency that works on health in areas disrupted by war or disasters. In these areas people are facing the immense task of rebuilding society while they suffer from poverty, diseases and the emotional consequences of conflict. We use ‘health’ as both a goal and means: the goal is to reach accessible health care for all. By working on that together with local communities we use ‘health’ as a means to bring people together and to restore mutual trust.


April 25th: World Malaria Day

The 25th of April 2014 is World Malaria Day. This year’s theme is ‘’Invest in the future. Defeat malaria’’. Using this slogan the World Health Organization (WHO) calls attention to the large number of people that annually die as a result of this deadly disease. HealthNet is also dedicated to permanently eradicate malaria.

Making ends meet in Burund

April 2014 - By Willem van de Put - In Gitega, a province in the middle of Burundi, we try to make ends meet. Like all people do in this beautiful green region. Nature is overwhelming in its friendliness: it looks like there should be enough for everyone in such abundant fertility. Different from large parts of Afghanistan or the Middle East where natural surroundings make it almost natural for people to fight over meager resources.

Reducing maternal deaths in remote areas

April 2014 - by André Stelder - The rainy season set in with torrential rains and gusty winds, destroying some of the roofs in our compound. Temperatures dropped from a suffocating 43 degrees to a shivering 28 degrees on some cold days. Soon the pothole infested dusty roads will change into muddy swamps which will try to suck down trucks carrying goods from Khartoum to be imbued into the road surface forever...

Loaded guns and empty stomachs

April 2014 - “We walked five days to escape the fighting in Malakal. Now we are living in a deserted school and unsure where to get food from.” Says an 8 year old boy in Upper Nile State. A major food crisis is currently enveloping South Sudan. It endangers thousands of people and threatens to further destroy the gains made over the past five years. Many international NGOs, including HealthNet, sound the alarm. The international community has to join forces in helping South Sudan.

Partnership AUXFIN and HealthNet

April, 2014 - HealthNet and AUXFIN signed a partnership-contract to work together in existing projects. Both organizations have the same bottom up approach to work with networks in rural communities. The new approach is revolutionary in linking remittances from Diaspora to local development - where people regain control over their own destiny and development goals.

Run for HealthNet – Amsterdam’s Damloop 2014

10 miles, that is quite a distance, especially if you have to walk it. Most people have never run such a distance. For many people finishing the “Dam tot Damloop” is therefore the biggest challenge, while others strive to break their personal record. Anyhow, running for HealthNet is a unique chance to push your boundaries.
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