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Ready for the future

HealthNet TPO has grown considerably over the past years. To manage this growth into increased effectiveness and improved project management, a change was needed in organizational structure and culture. Therefore the project Ready for the Future was started in June 2009. Under the supervision of the consulting firm ‘Plexus’ (formerly known as Plexus Medical Group), HealhtNet TPO is working on strengthening its organization, in order to cope with the continuously challenging and changing environment of development aid.

The unique collaboration is a result of Plexus’ passion to contribute toward improved quality and efficiency in the health sector on a broad social level. In addition to her commercial activities, Plexus has a charity policy that allows employees to participate in small social initiatives. This also means that Plexus provides her services ‘pro bono’ to organizations that care for health. An important criterion is that the project is innovative with a broad social relevance that does not have a paying principle. Collaborating with HealthNet TPO therefore fits right into the ambition of Plexus. To deliver a social contribution by means of advice, rather than in euros, provides a stronger bond between Plexus and HealthNet TPO and offers the consultants of Plexus the opportunity to work outside the ‘normal’ frameworks and develop themselves professionally. 

Whereas Plexus works primarily in the Netherlands, their interest beyond national borders grew from a first meeting late 2008 between the two organizations and a mutual recognition of values, style, and ‘drive’ was established. The combination of medical, managerial and financial expertise that Plexus brings to the Ready for the Future project is unique and successful. The Ready for the Future project aims at a stronger, more efficient management structure and organizational culture to prepare the organization for more impact and battle strength in the market. This is especially relevant for the expected turbulent times to come, while preserving the specific qualities that we value: working on the edge of new ideas with an open mind and frank expression.

Opportunities for improvement have been identified at the strategic, tactical and operational level. In 2009, a number of sessions in the organizations led to a new formulation of the mission and a stronger shared vision as illustrated in this annual report. At the second stage of the project Plexus targets the tactical level. This concerns the different organizational components, namely: resource management and organization, research and development, and operations. A number of taskforces are working on improved communication, updating the Human Resource Management Toolkit, smooth financial administrative systems, and clearer outlook on the numerous ways in which we can contribute to the mission: improved access to quality healthy for all. 

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HealthNet is er voor mensen die zorg hard nodig hebben. Soms hebben ze ondersteuning nodig bij het herstel van vertrouwen in hun gemeenschap. Soms moet er daadwerkelijk medische zorg verleend worden. Jij kunt meehelpen. Alle kleine beetjes helpen. Word direct donateur of doe online een gift.


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