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South Sudan programmme expansion

HealthNet TPO has been actively working in South Sudan since 1996. Recently, HealthNet TPO has seen a significant expansion of its South Sudan programme. Programme staff has increased to 25 international staff and 80 Sudanese staff. Currently HealthNet TPO implements its programmes in Warrap, Unity, Western Bahr El Ghazal (WBEG), Northern Bahr El Ghazal (NBEG) and Central Equatorial States. The Country office is located in Juba.

Four large programmes - funded by the Basic Services Fundand (BSF) and the World Bank - started in the second half of 2010. In WBEG and NBEG a health systems strengthening approach aims increased access to comprehensive basic health services. This includes rehabilitation and re-equipment of health facilities, strengthening the capacity of community structures to effectively manage healthcare, training and the provision of drugs.

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Using the BSF funding, HealthNet TPO has seconded Public Health Advisors and Public Health Technicians to focus on capacity building of the County Health Departments (CHDs) as well as on strengthening the social fabric of communities In addition to the secondment of the Public Health Advisor, this programme focuses on strengthening the capacity of the Christian Reaching Ministry, a Sudanese NGO, to ensure sustainability of the interventions.

 The programmes funded by the World Bank target the expansion of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services as well as increasing awareness for HIV/AIDS. HealthNet TPO is the lead agency in four states. Our approach is three-fold:

1.    Four HIV/AIDS advisors will focus on capacity strengthening of the ‘State Aids Commissions’;

2.    HealthNet TPO or sub-contractors will focus on the expansion of HIV/AIDS service delivery through/in collaboration with the State Ministries of Health;

3.    Prevention activities will mainly be take place outside the health sector as an important aspect of the HIV/AIDS programme.

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