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Since 2009, our local partner MENCAFEP (Mentally Handicapped Children & Families Educational Project) manages several day care centers in Sri Lanka. One of the centers (the one in Trincolmalee) is supported by HealthNet TPO and ‘Zorg en Zekerheid’ (a Dutch insurance company).

The aim of the day-care centers is to provide non-institutionalized care for special needs/intellectually challenged children and young people by taking care of them in their own communities and for them to stay and live with their families. MENCAFEP supports the disabled children and their families through, amongst others, education, medical support, home visits, awareness raising, and support groups.

Unfortunately most day-care centers have been badly damaged: six centers are completely washed out (including documentation and equipment) affecting over 932 children and their families. Most of these people are displaced due to the floodings and live in emergency camps now. The children that attend the centers are the most vulnerable in society and when resources are given out they are at the bottom of the pile.

The overall objective of this project is therefore to provide an emergency response to this most vulnerable group: the disabled children. They need water, food, clothing, bedding and of course medical care. By organizing regular medical check-ups and providing them with non-food emergency (sanitation) packages we can prevent diseases in order to help the children and their families get back on their feet again. In the coming months medical checks will be held to check the children for diseases. Local doctors will examine the children and provide them with medicines if needed. In addition, the 100 most affected families will receive non-food packages that provide sanitation materials to prevent that people suffer - or even die - from preventable diseases. The non-food packages include a mosquito net, towel, bed sheets, dettol soap, baby soap, washing powder, baby powder, tooth paste, a tooth brush and more.

In order to start the project, funds need to be raised via Pifworld. Visit to support HealthNet TPOs projects or to learn more.







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