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Newsletter June 2011

Dear colleagues and friends,

The word crisis is heard everywhere, and budget cuts for international collaboration are almost a non-issue amidst outcries over cuts in health, social security and education budgets in the high-income countries. This raises the stakes: what shall we do to convince policy makers that building and maintaining effective health services in Afghanistan and Sudan cannot be done for $5 per capita per year (set as ceiling by institutional donors)? This is the environment in which we try to establish some local ownership of health services. The fact that the health insurance scheme in Cambodia is continuing to grow is very good news – and even more impressive when seen against this background. In South Sudan we are dealing with the problematic side of growth – but the programmes are getting on track. In Afghanistan a series of new project proposals is delivered on the request of the donors. And in Holland, we keep building up networks for support. I hope you will find the issues in this newsletter of interest!

Best wishes,

Willem van de Put, general director

HealthNet TPO and Pifworld take partnership to next level

lead imageHealthNet TPO and Pifworld recently took their partnership to the next level. Since 2009 HealthNet TPO and Pifworld work together in order to fundraise the financial means for HealthNet TPOs smaller projects by displaying them on Pifworld’s online charity platform. The CSR Breakfast Club is the latest initiative to broaden the scope on the business-to-business market.

HIV/AIDS programme in South Sudan

lead imageIn 2010 the HealthNet TPO programmes in South Sudan have significantly expanded. Over 75 staff members - both national and international - were recruited and 4 new field offices were opened. With so many new staff on board - and still some positions to fill - this first half year of 2011 was a challenging ride for all the teams.

Research on family violence and harmful practices in Afghanistan

lead imageFrom September 2010 till May 2011 a research was conducted in order to explore the (social) embeddedness of gender based violence in Afghanistan and to identify cultural relevant ways to reduce family violence and other traditional harmful practices on a community level. The research was carried out in Nangahar and Kapisa province and in three districts of Kabul city.

New project in Pakistan

lead imageOn the 20th of June HealthNet TPO started a new project in Pakistan. The project includes the renovation of 20 Basic Health Units (BHUs) in the districts of Jacobabad and Khamber Shadakot of Sindh Province that have been destroyed during the floods in 2010.

Community Based Health Insurance in Cambodia

lead imageApril 2011 employees of our partner organization EUREKO/Achmea went on a mission to Cambodia with HealthNet TPO. EUREKO/Achmea has committed itself to provide technical support to the Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) implementation and roll-out over the next three years. The joint mission was one of the steps in the collaboration.

Our challenges in Kunduz, Afghanistan

lead imageStefan van Laar, Context Advisor at HealthNet TPO, recently visited the Northern Afghan province of Kunduz. The visit served multiple purposes. Kunduz is one of the provinces where the new three-year European Commission (EC) programme starts (aims to improve living conditions of women in ten provinces) and Kunduz provides an interesting setting in terms of challenges for our programme implementation.

15-day course Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Post-conflict Areas

lead imageHealthNet TPO and TPO Uganda are organizing together with Cogis (Dutch centre on the (psycho)social effects of war, persecution, war and violence) a 15-day course Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Post-conflict Areas. The course is partly subsidized by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.





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