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Annual Report 2010 online

The process of growth is accompanied by the more commercial way in which international cooperation is assessed. Development cooperation has always worked with budgets too small to make an actual difference, and the mere fact that not much has been achieved now serves as an argument to cut budgets even further. This is not necessarily bad, however. To keep working in a developmental mode, a more businesslike approach aimed at results, is required. We welcome such an approach and aim to grow further in effectively addressing the right issues with the right means.

HealthNet TPO is therefore actively seeking corporate businesses to collaborate with and  we will continue to form new alliances that make a genuinely new approach possible. By linking partnerships with companies and governments to building civil societies, HealthNet TPO aims to overcome classic but unproductive contradictions, for example the often apparent contradiction between the public and private sectors. We will continue developing the special insurance scheme for the poorest people in Cambodia, where the experience of HealthNet TPO is linked to the specific knowledge of Achmea Zorg (a Dutch health insurance company).

In 2011, we want to shift towards new paradigms of international solidarity: it is not charity that is needed, but mutual interest and shared value that creates options for equal and effective collaborations.

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