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A Word on mhGAP

The rationale is that 4 out of 5 people in low and middle-income countries who need mental, neurological and substance use services do not receive them.  The mhGAP tool was designed according to the evidence based and what is feasible in these settings.  Mental health interventions do not have to be highly specialized, expensive and resource-intensive.  They can be provided by non-specialists. 

HealthNet TPO is endorsing the use of mhGAP in its country programmes in order to facilitate the integration of mental health into primary care.  In order to do so, the mhGAP is first adapted to the local context and based on national and local consensus.  Implementation of the mhGAP is then coordinated by public health experts, managers, government staff, health officers and relevant stakeholders.

Priority conditions as defined in the intervention tool are chosen based on local needs and integrated into capacity-building programmes for mental health.  Conditions such as depression, psychosis, bipolar disorders, epilepsy, development and other behavioral disorders in children/adolescents, dementia, alcohol use disorders, drug use disorders, self-harm/suicide and other significant emotional or medically unexplained complaints, are all associated with mortality, morbidity or disability and incur a significant cost to individuals, families and society.

October 10th it is International World Mental Health Day. This day aims to raise awareness for the impact of mental health problems and the great burden of disease that mental problems cause. HealthNet TPO endorses this day: it is important to raise awareness for this topic, especially in fragile states where people have suffered from war and violence for years. The treatment of mental disorders is a prerequisite for rebuilding and rehabilitating a country.

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