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In South Sudan HealthNet TPO has a variety of progammes, all of which aim for improved health care systems and strengthening community trust. HealthNet TPO’s programmes focus on capacity building and community empowerment through means of supporting the Basic Package of Health Services implementation to improving maternity health, combating malaria, HIV/AIDS awareness, testing and counseling to positive patients. 

The approach of reaching communities and supporting the health care system to ultimately improve the health status of South Sudan’s citizens will take time and patience. At the same time, it is an approach that is solid and addresses the system, its users and its designers. This is a comprehensive approach that HealthNet TPO believes to be one of the ways to reach HealthNet TPO and South Sudan’s goals. Aletta: “ To offer you an impression of the HealthNet TPO approach in practice: in a single day, our team can be supporting all the levels in between at the same time, from discussions and forming new strategies with the State  Ministry of Health to planning vaccination outreach programmes with county health department to providing a listening ear in the villages.”

Aletta: “The ‘Wau Base’ for HealthNet TPO is the main centre for our communication, finance, HR and logistics to the two surrounding states we are also active in, including three other sizable bases and two smaller ones. This logistical and management challenge in a difficult insecure setting and across long distances never offering certainty of being reached often seems like the forgotten challenge of working in these settings. From generators breaking down, absent staff or contacts, to fuel and food shortages, to requests for handouts, to a lack of budget and under spending, to extreme rain and then extreme drought, to security incidents even in calm Wau… One needs to crave challenges in order to survive and enjoy working in a country such as South Sudan. Personally, I’m still craving the challenges, while craving even more for them to reduce for our work to be even more efficient, and for a brighter future of South Sudan.”








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