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Global Seminar HealthNet TPO

At the seminar not only staff from HealthNet TPO’s head office and its project countries (such as Afghanistan, Burundi and South Sudan) was present, but also independent partner organizations from Cambodia, Uganda and Nepal attended. The objective was to have everyone together that is involved in HealthNet TPO’s (core) business.

The PSO funded seminar covered themes HealthNet TPO is dealing with in its broadest sense. How can we build unity and shared understanding among HealthNet TPO staff and its partner organizations? How can the various countries learn from each other? And what exactly is governance? Questions like these were the centre of attention during last week’s seminar.

The week started with presentations and discussions related to our various themes such as mental health, psychosocial support, disease control, community systems strengthening and health systems strengthening. Tuesday’s focus was on governance, interdependence, capacity development and long distance learning. Wednesday and Thursday workshops were given by external facilitators about donor accountability, monitoring and evaluation, performance management and knowledge management. During the evenings HealthNet TPO staff was introduced to HealthNet TPO’s new (social) Intranet. This new Intranet is in effect as we speak and aims to be an effective communication tool for sharing knowledge and experiences. The last day of the seminar there was time to reflect on what had been discussed and for Communities of Practice (groups of people who work on the same theme in various contexts) to meet each other.






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