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Children evaluating psychosocial interventions?

Intervention Journal collects and disseminates a large diversity of information and experience in the field of psychological and psychosocial aid. The journal disseminates academic insights and international standards in psychosocial work, as well as the latest information gained from the practical experiences of fieldworkers, hoping both worlds will inspire and support each other. Intervention Journal publishes articles that are relevant for professionals and volunteers working in areas of armed conflict, and other humanitarian emergencies, and for those working with refugees throughout the world.

Recently a new issue of Intervention Journal was published. Articles of interest in this issue are:

  • “Participatory evaluation of psychosocial interventions for children: a pilot study in Northern-Uganda”. The article describes the use of a participative monitoring and evaluation tool in Northern Uganda. The unusual of this project is that children were the key informants for gathering the necessary information. The article describes the positive experiences but also the difficulties that you face when involving children in evaluation. One of the authors is Mark Jordans.
  • Another unusual but interesting topic in this first issue of Intervention Journal in 2012 is the article of Roos Korste:  ‘How to convey the new World Health Organization mental health Intervention guide to workers in the field’. She explores new ways for distribution and training on the WHO guide. Apart from the conventional distribution and training channels (hard copies and face-to face trainings), she also explores on: the use of e-learning; the use of smart phones and smart phone apps; and sms as a tool for information and learning. Tools that are not used that often yet in the MHPSS field.

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