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Newsletter June 2012

Dear friends,

Many things are happening in the world of international development; budgets are shrinking and there is an overall negative trend in public discussions about the effects of aid. HealthNet TPO is organized around the core value of solidarity, with an open mind for the positive and negative effects of ongoing globalization. The ‘bottom billion’ - people who have live on less than a dollar a day - is slipping further away from the global focus on economic growth in the world. This means that the use of 0,7% of GNP is deemed by some too much to use to fight the starvation of 15% of the world population! In this newsletter you will find some updates on how we try to contribute to a more equal distribution of capabilities in the world, and how we aim to strengthen our own organization to achieve this. Enjoy!

Willem van de Put

Achmea donates computers to HealthNet TPO

lead imageLast month HealthNet TPO’s old hardware was replaced by new systems, which we got from Achmea Zorg. For NGOs it is often difficult to purchase this kind of essential but expensive materials, as it isn’t covered by donors budgets. We are very thankful to Achmea for arranging these – superfast - computers!

Prolongation “Sustainable Return Project”

lead imageThe sustainable return project - in which HealthNet TPO provided psychosocial support to returnees – has stopped in October 2011 due to slow results. In collaboration with Maatwerk bij Terugkeer, VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, UAF, Pharos and IntEnt the project was revised and relaunched in April 2012.

Behind the scenes with… Dr. Abdul Majeed Siddiqi

lead imageDr. Majeed is the Head of Mission of our projects in Afghanistan. Ensuring smooth running of all projects while raising money and managing 2250 staff members is a challenging job; especially within a fragile country like Afghanistan, where ongoing conflict and security issues are daily business.

Teambuilding event South Sudan: “one team, one goal”

lead imageLast April a teambuilding event was held for staff working in South Sudan. It was the first time since we started our activities there, that such a workshop was organized. The aim was to stimulate team spirit and add a positive element to the daily tasks of each staff member; tasks which are mostly performed under difficult conditions.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

lead imageSince this month HealthNet TPO is also present on Twitter (@HealthNetTPO) and Facebook. Using these social media tools, we seek to engage with our supporters and raise more awareness about our work. Help us carry our message further and follow us!





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