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Achmea donates computers to HealthNet TPO

Last month HealthNet TPO’s old hardware was replaced by new systems, which we got from Achmea Zorg. For NGOs it is often difficult to purchase this kind of essential but expensive materials, as it isn’t covered by donors budgets. We are very thankful to Achmea for arranging these – superfast - computers!

As they have done several years ago, our partner Achmea donated their old – but still good – computers to us.

Now something has changed in the hallways of the HealthNet TPO head office… There is no more weary sighing when trying to open the mailbox, no more frustrated cries when software crashes, and no more extra coffee breaks when one waits for the computer to reboot. Yes, it was necessary: the old computers were beyond repair or upgrading.

We received enough computers for the head office and a number of laptops to be taken to the field. In our field offices is a need for renewal as well, so Achmea is working on shipping computers to Burundi as well.  Hopefully we have more information on that soon. Hereby we would like to thank Achmea again for this very useful donation!

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