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Screening Procedure
This document provides the different components of a community screening procedure, following a flowchart. 

Child Psychosocial Distress Screener (CPDS)
The CPDS is a multi-source instrument that assesses non-specific child psychosocial distress and the likelihood of need for psychosocial treatment. The instrument is developed as a primary screener in conflict affected community settings (especially low-and middle-income settings), for children between 8 and 14 years old.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Forms          
This document includes forms for multi-informant (child, parent and teacher) evaluation of perceived satisfaction and changes and for the group and individual interventions. Additionally, simple instructions for analyses of the monitoring and evaluation data are integrated.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Results
This document provides an example of the monitoring and evaluation findings from four different countries where the psychosocial care package was implemented.

Research Training Manuals (part 1 and part 2)   
These two manuals are written to assist capacity building of research assistants, including methodological issues and organizational issues. The manuals are specifically designed for qualitative research into the impact of armed conflict on children and conducting efficacy research


Added tools

Counseling manual for at-risk children
This training package can be used as a resource for a in-depth skill-based training of para-professional counsellors for children at-risk.

Training manual trafficked youth
This supplement training manual focuses on counseling for trafficked youth. It should be integrated in a general counseling training course, and used in conjunction with more general counseling manuals.

Studies Psychosocial Impact Children Central and West Africa (PLAN Nederland)

Burkina Faso



Sierra Leone 


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