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Nieuwsbrief september 2012

Dear colleagues and friends,

Times are challenging! And it all depends on the perspective you choose: from a European angle, the future of funds for international assistance is uncertain. From an Eastern perspective the balance of power is shifting and relationships need to be redefined. Chinese presence in Africa leads to many speculations about the future, and just as interesting, the Organisation of Islamic States has brokered a presence in Myanmar to help out with the crisis in Rakhine State. And HealthNet TPO is asked to work with Save the Children on programmes for the Islamic Rohengya population, who suffer from ethnic violence on top of natural disaster.

We are also moving forward in successful partnering! In programmatic terms we have taken the first threshold and are invited to develop a full proposal with Achmea and Wageningen UR for a combination of improved agricultural practices, improved access to health care, increased income and accessible insurance schemes. We have also entered interesting partnerships with Presenter and Expand Online, who will help us present ourselves in the modern media!

Enough to be updated on....enjoy!

Best wishes,

New partnerships: Presenter and Expand Online!

lead imageThis month HealthNet TPO has welcomed two new partners: we are happy to introduce to you the online media organization “Presenter” and the online marketing organization “Expand Online”. We feel honoured that they will support us pro bono, enabling us to spend our resources as adequate as possible. Read more...

High social capital? Less posttraumatic stress!

lead imageWhy do some people suffer from posttraumatic stress and others - who have experienced the same extreme event – don’t? This study about post disaster mental health found evidence for the relationship between the health of an individual and social (collective) variables. Read more...

Nederlands consortium werkt aan wederopbouw Burundi

lead imageAchmea, HealthNet TPO en Wageningen UR bundelen hun krachten in een innovatief project dat bijdraagt aan de wederopbouw van Burundi. Dit samenwerkingsverband combineert de verbetering van gezondheidszorg, de introductie van nieuwe landbouwmethoden en het vergroten van economische weerbaarheid. Lees meer...

Behind the scenes with… Martijn Vink

lead imageMartijn Vink is working as an epidemiologist for HealthNet TPO. What does that mean? And how do our projects benefit from his work? Martijn is working at the HealthNet TPO head office since April 2010, in those 2.5 years he has contributed to several projects in Afghanistan and Central Africa. Read more…

Wat blijft er over van haar zorgpakket?

lead imageDe toekomst van gezondheidszorg is een belangrijk onderwerp in de formatie. Gezondheidszorg kost geld, en de kosten rijzen de pan uit. Volgens het CBS bedroegen de uitgaven per hoofd van de bevolking in Nederland €5.392 euro in 2011. Dat is ongeveer 168 keer zoveel als voor iemand in Afghanistan. Lees meer...




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