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Plans for 2013

What are our plans for 2013? Unfortunately there is still enough to be done in the field of development aid and health. HealthNet TPO’s mission is to enhance the ability of communities in fragile countries to better manage and maintain their own health and wellbeing. We will continue to do so.

In the coming year, HealthNet TPO will no longer present itself exclusively as a ‘health care’ agency. Health is and remains at the core of HNTPO, but we will emphasize our new core message to "Rebuild Community Trust”. The extra attention for welfare and safety underlines the outcomes of our own research over the past 20 years which shows that in post-conflict situations and fragile states social indicators of health are not only more important for health than any health care system, but that these indicators can also be successfully addressed by our interventions. This insight also addresses the social trend towards shared security and embedded ideas of development in security and social development.

In 2013, HealthNet TPO will continue to roll out the 5 year strategy 2012-2015. An important emphasis will have to be on fund development, seeking extra and alternative sources of income, and implementing a business model that manages to link interests between companies, governments and CSO’s. Part and parcel of this approach is the explicit communication of the mission and vision that extends beyond the former identity of a health care focused agency, and stresses the importance and relevance of an evidence-seeking and integrated approach towards human security and well being for people excluded from basic security.

What continues is that HNTPO keeps working towards complementary modes of interventions in every region/country. The integrated approach links restoring of social bonds, addressing the social effects of violence and warfare, with the rebuilding of health systems with special attention for mental health and psychosocial care, health financing, and disease control.





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