About us

We are a global NGO with roots in The Netherlands. We engage in community interventions via local people with local knowledge.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to facilitate and strengthen communities and help them to regain control and maintain their health and wellbeing. We are convinced that even the most vulnerable people have the inner strength to (re) build a better future for themselves.


HealthNet TPO has adopted a new strategy for 2019-2023. Building on our strength, we will put more focus on Mental Health and Psycho Social Support. Read our strategy here.


HealthNet TPO is a knowledge-driven organization. This means our activities are based on scientific research and we continuously monitor their efficiency. We also develop new methods to improve the health of people in distress, which are regularly adopted by colleague organizations. Read more 


HealthNet TPO is active in areas where war, violence and natural disasters have an impact on daily life. These areas, the so-called fragile states, are characterized by a lack of infrastructure, resources and political strength to build or re-establish public services. Peace agreements are one of the first steps towards social recovery, but such agreements are impossible without community trust. Since 1992 we have implemented projects in around 27 countries. Read more