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When war is over people have the right  to return home. But, they will not return when there is nothing to return to. That's why we work with local people to make their community healthy again. To make sure people have a place to return to. A community empowered socially and financially. A society independent and autonomous, free from violence and sorrow. Please support reconstruction!




There are many ways to support us. Want to leave your own mark on a society's reconstruction? That's possible - we would be more than happy to develop a tailor made support proposition for you. Make sure to contact Marieke Le Poole at 020-6200005 or


Jan Terlouw is a retired Dutch politician of the D66 party. He acted as party leader, was minister of Economic Affairs and Queen's Commissioner of Gelderland. Prior to becoming a politician, Terlouw worked as a nuclear physics researcher. He wrote 24 children's books.