Ethics and Policies

Organisational Culture within HealthNet

HealthNet TPO is committed to building a better world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, free of harassment and bias. For that we need to strengthen our culture where needed and have policies and procedures related to gender, diversity and inclusion as well as sexual misconduct in any form in place.

Improving gender diversity and inclusion

We are working diligently to improve our existing policies and procedures on preventing sexual exploitation and abuse, including those on whistleblowing and complaints, anti-sexual harassment, anti-trafficking, prevention of sexual exploitation and child safeguarding. All of which take a zero-tolerance approach to sexual misconduct in any form.
We aim to ensure these stronger policies are effective and relevant in our programmes and all our offices and go beyond industry standards and donor requirements.

We have established a dedicated, independent Ethics Committee to evaluate the processes and to monitor and report to the Board. An external Confidential Contact Person is available in order to avoid conflicts of interest and offer a safe environment.

HealthNet TPOs ongoing commitment

We know that policies have to be more than words on paper. It's what we do with them that will determine whether they are effective. We work effortless to implement the policies and make people aware of their rights and how they can address issues they face. We continuously focus on making our staff and partners aware of the values we stand for and how we expect them to act.

Our policies