Our Amsterdam headquarters has 8 paid employees and multiple volunteers, who collectively support over 2300 staff members in the project countries. We also have a broad network of expertise consultants in various areas that operate on a project basis.

  • HealthNet TPO was established in 1992 by Doctors without Borders to bridge the gap between emergency aid and structural development.
  • The original name of the organization was HealthNet International (HNI). In 2005 HNI merged with the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO). HNI had knowledge and experience in reinforcing healthcare systems and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of transmissible diseases. TPO was an expert in the field of psychosocial and mental health care for survivors of war and natural disasters. HNI's practical experience combined with the innovative interventionprogrammes and the academic background of TPO, ensured the development and implementation of innovative care systems in war- or calamity areas. From this moment on, the organization was known as HealthNet TPO.