Board and Management

The Board of HealthNet TPO:

Carin Beumer was appointed to the board on 29 October 2015. She is founder and chair of the Zaluvida Holdings Pte Ltd, which consists of a number of cutting-edge life sciences companies. Carin started her professional career in the financial sector and arranged financing for large infrastructural projects in developing countries. In 2005, together with her husband Thomas Hafner, she founded the Zaluvida Group. The two also set up the Zaluvida Foundation. This foundation actively supports HealthNet TPO and drives Community Care programs in all of Zaluvida's locations around the globe. Carin's additional functions include acting as a board director for the various Zaluvida organizations (!nQpharm Group Sdn Bhd, Mootral AG, Neem Biotech Ltd etc.)
Koos van der Velden has been a member of the board since July 2013. Koos holds a professorship in Public Health at the department of Primary and Community Care at the Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen. His main research topics are infectious disease control and health systems development. He received his medical training at Utrecht University and specialised in tropical medicine, family medicine and community medicine in London. He defended his PhD thesis, titled ‘General practice at work’, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Hans-Georg van Liempd was appointed to the board on 5 October 2016. Hans-Georg is Managing Director at Tilburg University’s School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Apart from his career at Tilburg University, Hans-Georg has also been very active in the field of internationalisation of Higher Education and has held important positions within the European Association for International Education (EAIE). Furthermore, Hans-Georg is chair of the board of the Zanskar-sTongde Foundation, which aims to provide young people in India with opportunities for education. Hans-Georg's additional functions include: senior trainer (for subjects strategy and internationalization) at the EAIE; member of the Award -and Talent committee of the EAIE; Advisory committee member at the Gast Atelier Leo XIII in Tilburg; Management Board Member of the Center of Higher Education Internationalization, Universita Cattolica Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy.
Guus Eskens was appointed to the Board on 20th of June 2017. After a career working in the pharmaceutical industry, Guus has been involved in development aid since the mid-eighties. Among other activities he worked in the health care industry in Africa, and was the Managing Director of CARE Netherlands for 10 years. During this period CARE Netherlands developed into a solid organization focused on supporting fragile states and improving the disadvantaged position of women in these countries. Prior to his experience at CARE Netherlands, Guus was also director of Cordaid, the foundation Memisa Medicus and IDA Foundation.  His other additional functions include Chairman Supervisory Board VSO Netherlands; Board member VSO International; Chairman Supervisory Board I+ Solutions; Board member Nefkens Stichting Ontwikkelingssamenwerking; Board member Josephine Nefkens Stichting; Chairman foundation “DeDrieStraatjes”.
Hans Moison was appointed member of the Executive Board and Treasurer on 3 July 2018. He is a Dutch chartered accountant (‘registeraccountant’) and has worked for 35 years on behalf of EY and KPMG, both at home and abroad as a public accountant and advisor. From October 2014, Hans works as an independent consultant and interim director. From March 2016 to February 2017 he was interim member of the executive board of De Surinaamsche Bank in Paramaribo. Hans is also treasurer of two associations of owners.

The board has determined the remuneration policy, the height of the executive benefits and the amount of remuneration components. This remuneration policy is updated periodically. The remuneration policy regarding the executive director’s maximum salary was approved following the regeling beloning directeuren van goede doelen. This weighting resulted in a BSD score of 460 (category I) with a maximum annual salary of € 129.559. The executive director’s current salary is 25% below maximum. More information on our remuneration policy can be found in our annual (financial) report

Board members are not employed by the organization. Board members do not receive any remuneration for their work. No loans or advances are made and no guarantees are issued to the board members.

HealthNet TPO has no collecitve labor agreement for employees, but an internal salary scheme. There are no bonuses, year-end bonuses or gratuities. Expenses are refunded on a claim basis.

Our statutes have been changed per 19-10-2019. You can read them here .

The profile, ways of working and tasks of the board can be read here.