Support to victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Afghanistan

In the last week of Ramadan Mr. Hans Akerboom (deputy head of mission and head of development cooperation) and Mr. Stijn Kersten (second secretary), both from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands visited the HealthNet TPO Afghanistan Family Protection Center (FPC) in Herat. The mentioned to us: “It was a great pleasure for us to visit the FPC. We were very well received and it was interesting to hear more about how your project answers to specific needs.”
The FPC is a “one stop assistance center” for victims of GBV.
As Samira tells us, it feels good to go there. “I only have to tell my story one time. They understand me. I can see the doctor, a lawyer and talk about it with my counselor. Everybody knows what it is about. I feel safe and get good support”. 
Since the project started with UNFPA, 9 FPC’s are existing now. 15.468 persons came for support,2469 health staff were trained on psychosocial counseling. 
But in a vast country like Afghanistan there is a need for more FPC’s.