Celebrating World Mental Health Day


On the 10th October the World celebrated Mental Health Day, with the theme this year: Move for Mental Health: Let's Invest. HealthNet TPO used the week to raise awareness to mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, and to call to action the need to invest in MHPSS services.

Celebrations took place across Afghanistan, South Sudan and Burundi, with awareness raising activities to improve recognition of mental health and psychosocial problems, reduce stigma and empower people for change.

Case Study: Raja County, South Sudan

In Raja County there are many cases of epilepsy and post war traumas, and children are extremely vulnerable to being excluded from vital MHPSS services. This is why for World Mental Health Day, we focused on the promotion of fun, educational activities for children in the community.

Through games and fun activities, the children learnt about mental health, and factors that affect how they feel. They learnt about the importance of playing with all other children and not leaving anyone out.

After the success of this day of activities, this will now become an ongoing project where every week children can come and openly talk about their how they are feeling in a safe environment, where they can also play games and take part in fun activities with other children.


Case Study: Laghman Province, Afghanistan

The awareness session in Laghman province health facility for mental health was one of many that took place in health facilities across Kunar, Nangarhar and Balkh provinces.

“We learnt from the team workers that we must not lose hope if we face difficult situations and we need to look forward to the next opportunities.”
                                                            Ferozah Arsalan - Participant, Laghman Province.

These sessions taught participants to recognise various mental health and psychosocial problems and how to cope with stress, particularly during these difficult times with the added burden of Covid-19.


Covid-19 is adding an additional burden to the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of people living in South Sudan, Afghanistan and other conflict-affected countries who already face poverty, ongoing violence and trauma. It is vital that in order to achieve mental health for everyone, everywhere, action and investment into mental health and psychosocial activities happens today. Read more about how Covid-19 is affecting MHPSS here, and support us so that we can continue providing MHPSS services for healthier, stronger communities. Please donate today.