Marketing and Communications Internship Testimonial


Hi, my name is Jesper Kramer. I am currently studying Business Studies at the University of Inholland. At the moment I am doing my internship at Healthnet TPO, in the department of Marketing and Communications.


Why did you want to do an internship with HNTPO?

HealthNet TPO is a non-profit organisation, which is why I chose to do my internship here. The reason I prefer a non-profit is because I need to feel personally connected to an organisation in order to be 100% committed. The philosophy they have is in line with mine. First of all, I stand for a better world and that also applies to HealthNet TPO, in addition, I am extremely fascinated when it comes to psychology. HealtNet TPO is specialised in psychosocial support and that is why the organisation suits me and that is why my eye fell on them.

What projects are you working on? What are your day-to-day tasks?

My daily activities vary from week to week. It varies from translating reports written for the news page to helping to decide on the redesign for the website. So there is a lot of variety. In addition, I have also been given a main project that I will focus on during this internship, which is to help improve HealthNet TPO's social media presence and followers.  Consider, for example: achieving more followers for the various platforms, developing new content, evaluating the current content, assisting to define clearer messaging for our identity and making decisions about the website.

What do you like about your internship? 

What appeals to me in this internship is I get a lot of responsibilities. It's not a cliché internship like making coffee every day and copying documents. No in this internship you will only make coffee for yourself and maybe bring a cup if someone asks for it. At HealthNet TPO my voice is valued and involved in all marketing and communications related matters. This makes me feel of value to the organisation and motivates me to go a step faster for my colleagues. In addition, the internship is in English. I find this very interesting, because I have never worked in English before. This was also one of the reasons that I chose this internship. I wanted to optimize my English and I believe that is only possible if you practice it often.

What do you think is special about HNTPO practices and the people that they help?

HealthNet TPO is a small organisation, so you quickly feel at home and you are not just a number like in many larger organisations. The people who work here are very passionate about the work they do and most of them have been working for HealthNet TPO or a similar organisation for more than 10 years.

What do you want to do after your internship? How has this internship helped you get there?

After this internship I want to finish my studies and start another study, namely Psychology. HealthNet TPO has given me new motivation for my current study. I was under the illusion that marketing is only about money in an important business where the goals are central. Of course that is also the case with a non-profit organisation, but in my case I do that for a better world and that motivates me.

Would you recommend this internship? 

I would definitely recommend this internship! As I mentioned earlier, this internship is good for your development in all kinds of areas. Because of the international environment you speak English every day, it is a small non-profit organisation with a nice working atmosphere, you are involved a lot, you are given a lot of responsibility and you are valued. In my case, all these aspects ensure an educational successful internship.