Twiteho Amagara


In Burundi, HealthNet TPO works to improve access to quality health services, including sexual and reproductive health and support for survivors of gender-based violence. The programme is called Twiteho Amagara (Let’s take care of health) and we work together with 3 other organisations, GVG-WeWorld, Medica Mondiale and Pathfinder International as part of a consortium to meet the specific health needs of the populations in the provinces Ngozi, Kayanza and Cibitoke reaching more than 1.7 million people.

As part of the programme, vehicles including ambulances and other transport vehicles are essential to improve access to health, particularly for emergency cases. Last Wednesday 25th November, HealthNet TPO and the other consortium members gave the Ministry of Health of Burundi (MSPLS) essential vehicles and medical equipment worth more than Bif 1.5 billion. The presentation of the vehicles and equipment took place at the Ministry of Health in the presence of the Minister of Health and AIDS Control, representatives of the European Union, District Health Officials and representatives of the organisations of the consortium. 


The vehicles given included 6 ambulances, which were delivered the Health District Offices of Ngozi and Kayanza provinces.  5 supervisory vehicles were also donated to Provincial Health Office (BPS) and the District Health Office (BDS). These vehicles will support the mobility of the senior teams of the health districts of Ngozi, Kayanza and Cibitoke and facilitate supervision in health centres and hospitals. 

Vital medical equipment was given to the Health Centres and District Hospitals, that focus on reproductive health for childbirth, prenatal and postnatal care, reducing the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. The medical equipment included a high quality X-Ray machine for the Cibitoke Hospital  to improve the possibilities of X-ray and analysis in quality medical imaging.

After the official reception, the vehicles will be handed over to the beneficiaries while the medical equipment will be transported by Pathfinder International on the ground for installation, quality control, and training to ensure optimal use.