Hospital in Jalalabad

HealthNet TPO has been responsible for the hospital in Jalalabad since 2007. The hospital was built to improve health care in the region. It has a special focus on mother and childcare and the provision of psychiatric care. Afghanistan still has a lack of qualitied doctors, proper equipment and efficient procedures, which impedes qualitative health care. In Jalalabad hospital we also provide educational programs for women. This contributes to both better health care and an improved position for women.

Jalalabad is the capital of the Nangarhar province situated in the east of Afghanistan. The recent conflict in the country has left its scars in the Nangarhar province. Last year the province experienced the highest amount of armed clashes in Afghanistan. Therefore there is a great need for both adequate hospital and mental care within the region.  The region also has a high amount of traffic accidents, because of Jalalabad’s location on the main road between Kabul and Pakistan.

The hospital
Jalalabad hospital has an important regional function and provides care to the entire region. With a capacity of more than 500 beds (this compares to the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam, 555 beds), its most important activity is to provide secondary hospital care.  It is also one of the few hospitals in Afghanistan which has a psychiatric ward. In Jalalabad we are working towards sustainable health care though the educational function of the hospital: it functions as a training hospital for medical students, midwifes and nurses.

Key elements of the project:

a) The hospital provides secondary hospital care for the region;

b) The hospital provides psychiatric care, thanks to its own psychiatric ward;

c) Capacity of over  500 beds for patients from the entire region;

d) The hospital contributes to sustainable health care by training medical students, midwifes and nurses.