PBF in Lesotho

To support the Ministry of Health in reaching better maternal and child health, HealthNet TPO implements a Perfomance Based Financing (PBF) approach. This health financing system intends to reduce the cost for health care and improve the quality of services. That way more people will have access to basic medical mother and child care, even the poorest people.

On behalf of the ministry
The Lesotho Ministry of Health (MOH) has initiated this project with the overall objective of improving the utilization and quality of maternal and newborn health services. The MOH has set up a PBF unit at the central level to handle day-to-day management of the project. The PBF unit has hired external partners for the actual implementation: Medical Care Development International (MCDI) and HealthNet TPO. Together we help the ministry to improve implementation of PBF activities within maternal health projects in Lesotho.

Three phases
The project will be implemented in three phases. During phase 1 the project will be piloted in the districts of Leribe and Quthing. In phase 2 the project will gradually scale-up to 4 to 6 additional districts and in phase 3 to another 1 to 3 districts.

What we aim to achieve in this project can be divided in two objectives: capacity building and operation:

  1. Capacity building: We provide technical and implementation support to the MOH PBF unit and other PBF implementing entities on managing PBF contracts for the delivery of incentivized services;

  2. Operational: We verify delivery of the quantity and quality of services, prepare the invoices for PBF and assist health facilities with preparing their PBF plan.

Key elements of the project:

  • Build the capacities of PBF implementing stakeholders at a national, district, and local level;
  • Review relevant documents, including a work plans and manuals;
  • Conduct PBF training sessions;
  • Undertake technical support visits to participating health facilities;
  • Disseminate information about the Lesotho PBF experience throughout the country and internationally;
  • Ensure all participating stakeholders sign PBF contracts;
  • Verify PBF invoices of the quantity and quality of the care provided;
  • Follow up and verify client satisfaction surveys and the quality of care provided by