Evidence based?

Evidence based means for example working in the ‘Programme for Improving Mental health Care’ (PRIME) consortium. To generate world-class research evidence on the implementation and scaling up of treatment programmes for priority mental disorders in primary and maternal health care contexts in low resource settings. 

We worked with our partners TPO Nepal within PRIME.

HealthNet TPO considers provision of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services not to be a stand-alone activity nor strategy. Therefore, our programmes address mental health as well as psychosocial problems in a combined approach.

HealthNet TPO explores, strengthens and involves the community-based (psycho)social support mechanisms in order to make best use of the existing resources at community level for many MHPSS problems and to facilitate referral pathways. HealthNet TPO aims to revive and strengthen family and community support systems and include community resources to initiate positive coping and resilience mechanisms to facilitate the change of people into active survivors rather than passive victims.

Check the website on PRIME