Let’s Talk About Women, Peace and Security

Last Friday, 14th November, the ‘Let’s Talk About Women, Peace and Security’ event took place in Bogota, Colombia. The event highlighted the vital role of women in conflict prevention and peacebuilding in Colombia and the essential work of local and international Women’s Organisations working to build the capacity of women so they may contribute to sustainable peace.

The event highlighted the work by organisations from within the Consortium in Colombia including HealthNet TPO, ICCO Cooperation and Mensen met een Missie, as well as our partner organisation LIMPAL and 10 other Colombian organisations. The event brought together members from the EU and Dutch Embassies in Colombia, representatives from UN Women, the Truth Commission, the Ministry of Interior and finally local women from the communities.

The event has come after three years since the implementation of the Peace Agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), to look upon how women have contributed to sustainable peace in the country and what progress and challenges Colombia still faces with the meaningful implementation of the UN Resolution 1325: Women, Peace and Security.

HealthNet TPO joined forces with two Dutch organisations ICCO Cooperation and Mensen met een Missie to contribute to the implementation of this UN Resolution 1325 in Colombia. We work with our partner LIMPAL in Bolivar and Meta to establish a local environment where women are better protected from gender-based violence. We aim to strengthen local communities through the provision of psychosocial support for victims of gender-based violence and by continuing to change harmful gender norms. Women are empowered and have the ability to contribute to activities that work toward sustainable peacebuilding.

By strengthening the capacities of local women in these regions, the shared experiences, knowledge and perspectives of women can more effectively influence public decision-making, as well as contribute to the meaningful participation of women in the public and private spheres and strengthening gender equality. 

Diana Salcedo Lopez, the director of our partner LIMPAL, spoke at the event in Bogota highlighting the continued necessity of women as central agents for peacebuilding:

“The murders of defenders, leaders, candidates, ex-combatants and indigenous people have left deep marks in our community. However, in the face of war and the debauchery of death, women continue to build new ways of working collectively and constructing frameworks that empower us as political actors and agents of democracy.

Developing this work in a consortium has brought hope and new opportunities to the lives of more than 2000 women, who, through networks and collective action, have replicated their learning in their communities, strengthening themselves as politically active subjects at local and national levels.

Our life, our bodies and our territories, cannot continue to be permeated by war. We defend peace! Peace with and for women and people! Peace without women is an incomplete peace!”


To read Diana’s full speech, follow the link here.

To learn more about our work in Colombia with LIMPAL, follow the link here.