July 7th 2021

Annual Report 2020


HealthNet TPO is proud to present our Annual Report 2020. We reflect on a year that has presented immense challenges for the world at large, for HealthNet TPO and for our beneficiaries in Afghanistan, South Sudan, Burundi and Colombia.


Despite the ongoing challenges the pandemic created for HealthNet TPO’s projects, we were able to support 7.7 million people across Afghanistan, Burundi, South Sudan and Colombia. 

As well continuing to implement primary healthcare and hospital services in Afghanistan, we successfully managed three emergency hospitals dedicated to treating patients with Covid-19. Our incredible team in Afghanistan worked tirelessly to ensure the standard of treatment for the rising number of Covid-19 cases over the past 18 months. In South Sudan, we continued to support healthcare system strengthening and implement healthcare and hospital services. We distributed one million insecticide-treated bed nets to protect those people living in the most remote and hard-to-reach communities from malaria. Here and in Colombia we strengthened women and communities’ participation in peacebuilding through community mobilisation processes, and provided psychosocial support to survivors of gender-based violence. In Burundi we implemented a resilience programme focusing on sexual and reproductive health rights, gender-based violence and response to epidemic disease, funded by the European Commission. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the conversation around the importance of mental health has increased, reaffirming the need for the integration of mental healthcare as a process of healthcare system strengthening. HealthNet TPO has been at the forefront of advocating for the integration of mental healthcare in healthcare systems in fragile settings. Over 2020 we continued to train hundreds of local care providers for the detection, referral and first aid treatment of mental health. 

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