October 12th 2023

HealthNet TPO publishes Annual Report 2022

For 30 years, HealthNet TPO has contributed to improving the lives of the people living in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Every year, we are proud to share with you our achievements, with our partners, around the world. There's so much more to discover in this year's annual report!

In 2022, 12.7 million people received healthcare through our health facilities across four countries. And, almost 250,000 people received mental health and psychosocial support.


  • 12.7 million people received healthcare through 401 hospitals and health facilities
  • 248,758 people received mental health and psychosocial services
  • 17,722 survivors of sexual and gender-based violence were treated by qualified health providers
  • 5,764 members of staff worldwide
  • 43 projects across 4 countries


This year’s annual report contains the most important facts and figures behind our work and provides an insight into the lives of the people we work with through photos and stories of change. With these, we answer the questions: how do we improve health? How do we improve mental health and psychosocial wellbeing? And, how do we respond to emergencies?

"2022 was a year of resilience and growth for HealthNet TPO. It is a testament to our incredible 5,674 staff whose strength, dedication and expertise ensure that millions of people could continue to access life-saving health and mental healthcare."

- Carin Beumer, Chair of the Board
Learn about the people and governance of HealthNet TPO, who keep the organisation alive.

Through interviews, read how HealthNet TPO in 2022 navigated the crisis in Afghanistan to keep hospitals and health centres open, learn how we respond to and prevent sexual and gender based violence in Colombia and South Sudan, and meet the people and governance that keep the organisation alive.

Curious to learn more? Read the Annual Report 2022, below.

Annual Report 2022