Healthcare for everyone


Everyone has a right to access healthcare.

Providing essential services

Health is a fundamental human right. However, for many people who live in countries affected by conflict and disaster, access to basic healthcare is limited as services are disrupted, absent or out of reach. HealthNet TPO ensures that everyone has access to healthcare, reaching the most vulnerable populations and those living in the most remote and conflict-affected regions. 

People feel healthier, because they have improved access to healthcare services. We support and strengthen health facilities ranging from community health centres and mobile clinics, to district and provincial hospitals with over 600 beds and specialised treatments.

Through our programmes on routine immunisations, mosquito net distributions and treatment of tuberculosis we are contributing to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Our commitment and efforts to increase maternal and child health as well as the quality of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) services are supporting community members and their families. In addition, we strive to prevent childhood malnutrition through therapeutic feeding programmes.  

At the same time we work alongside national ministries of health and governments to strengthen healthcare systems so that they can provide adequate healthcare services for years to come, where mental health services are integrated throughout.

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