Providing Essential Healthcare Services in South Sudan


Access to essential health services remains out of reach for many people in South Sudan. HealthNet TPO improves access to quality health services, particularly for women and children.

Health system strengthening

HealthNet TPO envisions a South Sudan where every child has access to good nutrition and healthcare for the best start in life. Every mother should be able to deliver safely and care for her child in good health and with specialist care when it is needed.

By strengthening the health system and supporting the delivery of quality and integrated health services through a network of health facilities, we tackle the extremely high levels of maternal and infant mortality in South Sudan.

We support health services in the states of Terekeka, Raja, Aweil North, Aweil West, Aweil South and Aweil Centre so they become responsive and accountable to the needs of all community members and individuals, particularly vulnerable and marginalised individuals. We do this through:

  • Ensuring essential supplies and equipment are available in health facilities and strengthening supply chain management  
  • Providing antenatal and postnatal care for mothers and newborns and skilled delivery services  
  • Establishing routine immunisation services for children  
  • Providing nutrition care and treatment for children with severe acute malnutrition   
  • Strengthening referral systems  
  • Providing sexual and reproductive health and family planning services  
  • Training primary healthcare workers in psychological first aid to attend to the mental health needs of vulnerable groups  
  • Equipping all health facilities with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)   
  • Supporting County Health Departments in governance and leadership
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Boma Health Workers

Within the community we support health services for the prevention and treatment of common conditions through the Boma Health Initiative.

Trained Boma Health Workers (BHWs) reach out to their community members in the prevention and treatment of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea. They provide education, timely treatments and referrals to health facilities for more urgent cases.

“With the help of the Boma Health Worker my baby has been saved. I didn’t need to travel so far to the health facilities and it is free of charge. I thank you so much.”

Nyadeng is a 25 year-old single mother of three children. When her five-month old baby fell sick one night, vomiting heavily with a fever she knew she needed to take him to the health facility. But 15km away and only accessible by foot, she didn’t know if she’d make it in time. She remembered the Boma Health Worker in her village told her to bring any sick child to her house. She rushed there and was welcomed by the health worker who could diagnose her baby with a chest infection and malaria. The Boma Health Worker gave Nyadeng two types of drugs and instructions to give to the baby. The following day Nyadeng’s baby was already looking healthier and breastfeeding.

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Scaling up the Boma Health Initiative in Warrap State

Since 2017, the Boma Health Initiative has had life-saving impacts in South Sudan by implementing health and nutrition packages and services.

By collaborating with the Health Pooled Fund, HealthNet TPO is the implementing partner in scaling up the BHI in Warrap State.

This scaling-up project will recruit and train 454 Boma Health Workers in communities in Warrap state by the end of 2023. Massively promoting health care and services in the region aims to provide integrated community management to prevent and treat common childhood conditions, such as malaria or diarrhea.

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