November 9th 2023

Afghanistan Earthquake: Critical Psychosocial Support

One month ago, a series of devastating earthquakes struck Afghanistan. HealthNet TPO continues to provide critical psychosocial support and emergency health assistance.

One month ago, a series of earthquakes devastated Afghanistan’s eastern province of Herat. According the UN figures more than 1,500 people died and a further 2,000 injured. It is estimated that this could be as high as 2,500 and 9,000 respectively, many of these people included women and children. The quakes struck some of the most vulnerable communities. Entire villages were destroyed including more than 21,500 homes. Over 154,000 people are reported to have been directly affected.


Critical psychosocial support

Many of the affected communities have little resilience to cope with the multiple shocks. Deaths of loved ones, destruction of homes and livelihoods and uncertainty for the future have taken a heavy toll. The devastation from the quakes compounds with the ongoing humanitarian crises facing Afghans.

HealthNet TPO has deployed a team of psychosocial counsellors to help people cope with the overwhelming loss. We have already provided psychological first aid and psychosocial counselling to more than 440 people, including men, women and children, and continue to do so.

Mobile health teams are also providing emergency medical attention directly to the communities and individuals they meet and through first-aid trauma posts, static health facilities and supporting the care provided in trauma care units.


Emergency aid

With winter rapidly approaching, temperatures have started to plunge increasing the risk of exposure to thousands who are displaced and in need of immediate shelter. In coordination with the UNFPA and partners, our teams are supporting the distribution of emergency items including tarpaulins, blankets and kits for hygiene, reproductive health and dignity.


How can you support?

The crisis is not going away and as winter rapidly approaches, more support is needed for the over 150,000 people directly affected. Please give generously and help the people of Afghanistan.