October 8th 2023

Afghanistan Earthquake: HealthNet TPO Emergency Response

Afghanistan's worst earthquake in two decades hit the western province of Herat on Saturday 7th October. HealthNet TPO's health teams are responding to support people in the worst affected areas.

2,500 people killed in deadly earthquake

It is estimated that 2,500 people have been killed in a series of earthquakes in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat. Figures reported by the authorities also estimate the number of injured to be more than 9,000. According to UN official reports, 1,023 people have been killed and a further 1,663 injured. It is feared that these numbers will rise as rescuers search through affected areas, where 1,300 houses have been destroyed.

The 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit 40km from the city of Herat at 11am on Saturday 7th October, followed shortly by a series of aftershocks, some measuring just as strong as the initial quake.

The damage is immense. Entire villages within the Zindahan district of Herat Province have been completely destroyed. Hundreds of residents remain buried under the debris, as rescuers continue to search for survivors.

The majority of those injured are being treated at the Herat Regional Hospital, which is serving as a main referral point for earthquake victims.

Support the victims of the earthquake
HealthNet TPO supports children affected by the earthquake in a Herat school

Our response

HealthNet TPO teams active across the western region are supporting people in the affected Herat and Farah provinces. Mobile health teams mobilised across the region are providing life-saving emergency health care and psychological first aid to those affected. A join effort with other humanitarain actors in the region are ensuring the delivery of emergency shelter, nutrition, WASH and protection services. 

Initial response:

  • On the 8th October, two HNTPO mobile health teams reached Herat to support the victims of the earthquake with emergency services;
  • HNTPO is coordinating with the UNFPA and other humanitarian actors to harmonise our efforts and mobilise resources together;
  • Six psychosocial counsellors have started providing psychological first aid and mental health support to children and their families who have experienced severe psychosocial distress;
  • 1600 dignity kits (DKs) in Herat and Farah are being distributed, in a joint effort with the UNFPA;
  • An additional 1000 DKs will be dispatched from Kabul to Herat.


9th October:

  • The two mobile health teams continue to provide emergency health services and mental health support to affected people in Zindajan district. A total of 122 children, women and men received support.
  • More than 150 women and girls affected by the earthquake were supported with psychological first aid by psychosocial counsellors in Babji School area. 
  • HNTPO continues the distribution of dignity kits, particularly for women and girls, and tarpaulins and blankets for families through our mobile health teams and psychosocial counsellors. 
Support the victims of the earthquake
HNTPO mobile health teams are mobilised to support victims of the earthquake in Herat

How you can help?

Help the people of Afghanistan affected by this deadly earthquake receive emergency items and life-saving care. Every small amount will help and will go directly to our teams on the ground to support those worst affected. We need your help to buy vital emergency medical and protection supplies.

Please donate what you can now.

Support the victims of the earthquake