July 5th 2022

Afghanistan Earthquake: Supporting the Afghan People


Following the powerful earthquake that struck the South East of Afghanistan on the 22nd June, HealthNet TPO’s mobile health teams continue to help those most affected, providing essential health and mental health services.

Emergency Response

In the initial emergency response, HealthNet TPO's mobile health teams quickly deployed to the most affected regions of Khost Province to tend to the urgent medical needs of people affected by the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that struck during the night of the 22nd June.

The mobile health teams, made up of doctors with medical equipment and 4x4 emergency vehicles, were able to reach remote villages at a time when access has been extremely difficult due to landslides and damage to roads. These teams continue to provide urgent medical care and routine health services in locations where health facilities have been destroyed or damaged. With support from the UNFPA, HealthNet TPO has set up two semi-permanent health facilities in one of the worst affected districts in Khost province. We have also set up referral facilities, taking patients to Khost Provincial Hospital for secondary care.

A man is treated for a wound on his hand in the HealthNet TPO treatment tent, in Mohammadi village, Khost Province. Photo: UNHCR/Mohammad Haroon

The Psychological Impact

The psychological impact of the devastation is immense. Entire villages have been destroyed and people have lost whole families, their communities, their homes and their livelihoods. Responding to the psychological and mental health needs is vital. Our team have mobilised an additional six psychosocial counsellors in Khost province to provide counselling, psychological first aid and mental health support.

A boy looks into a tent to watch HealthNet TPO staff treat his father in Mohammadi village, Khost Province. Photo: UNHCR/Mohammad Haroon

Humanitarian Partnerships

Coordination has been a key part of the emergency response, to avoid duplication of efforts with other aid organisations and to ensure that time and resources are used for maximum effect, reaching the people that need it the most. HealthNet TPO has been working with UNOCHA and other aid organisations within the health cluster of Afghanistan to coordinate our services. Partnerships like these make humanitarian assistance function.

In coordination with other organisations, we are now in the process of deploying more services, including the distribution of mosquito nets alongside UNFPA-provided dignity and hygiene kits and shelter deployed by the UN.

A HealthNet TPO medical treatment tent, supplied by UNHCR, in Mohammadi Village, Khost Province. Photo: UNHCR/Mohammad Haroon

How can you help?

As the people of Afghanistan face yet another emergency, following a tumultuous ten months, the needs of thousands have been amplified. 

The emergency response is far from over. The earthquake has destroyed whole villages, leaving many with nothing. Their health and mental health is our priority. With your gift, we can support the health and mental health of even more people affected by the earthquake.

Donate now to help the people of Afghanistan.