November 23rd 2023

Introducing HealthNet TPO’s Strategic Plan 2024-2028: A Revived Ambition

For over three decades, HealthNet TPO has supported communities affected by conflict and disaster, fostering resilience for improved health and wellbeing. With a revitalised ambition, we present our Strategic Plan 2024-2028.

Our mission

Building upon 30 years of experience, we're determined to elevate our efforts to supporting communities affected by conflict and disaster so they may regain control over their health and wellbeing. Over the next five years, we will enhance programme quality through evidence collection, foster learning and drive informed decision-making.

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"We envision a world where people living in fragile and conflict-affected settings can actively contribute to rebuilding their own lives, health and wellbeing. "


Mental health and psychosocial support

Our longstanding experience has demonstrated that addressing the underlying psychological and social factors that contribute to conflict are the cornerstone in achieving sustainable peace and development. We are committed to improving the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of people living through and recovering from humanitarian crises. We have shown that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and our approach integrates context-specific MHPSS care within all our programmes in health and the triple nexus.


Humanitarian assistance

The scale of humanitarian crises has significantly escalated in recent years. In 2022 alone, the number of people needing humanitarian assistance grew by a third, reaching an estimated 406 million. HealthNet TPO will extend its programming to humanitarian projects to support the growing need for assistance, particularly in our current countries of operation in Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia and South Sudan. Beyond immediate relief, we aim to provide development, peace and climate financing - fundamental to upholding basic services and building resilience.

Climate change resilience

Fragile and conflict-affected settings bear the brunt of the climate crisis. There is an urgent need for comprehensive solutions that address the intertwined issues of climate, food, health, livelihoods, displacement and violence. We are committed to promoting inventive strategies and cross-sectoral collaborations to foster resilience capable of enduring climate-induced emergencies and confront its multidimensional challenges, in particular for more vulnerable populations who are at heightened risk of enduring the most of these impacts.


Building direct and meaningful partnerships

Over the next five years, building direct partnerships and cooperative relationships with international and local entities is paramount. Our emphasis on localisation will enable communities to be the drivers behind programmes and services supporting their own needs. We will explore pathways for increased localisation while acknowledging the continued disparities inherent in financial mechanisms.

Organisational development

Recognising internal strength as a prerequisite for external impact, we prioritise organisational development focusing on project monitoring evaluation, accountability and learning (PMEAL), operational research, communications, fundraising, human resources and IT.

In addition, financing the ambitions for the coming five years requires sustainable growth. Therefore, HealthNet TPO aims to build up its own constituency, improve financial procedures and grow private funding to strengthen the financial position of the organisation.  


In this dynamic new phase, HealthNet TPO embarks on a transformative journey, reinforcing our global commitment to improving people’s lives in fragile and conflict settings. Together, we will build resilient communities and a healthier, more sustainable world.

Strategic Plan 2024-2028