WeWard: Bikes for Boma Health Workers

Helping health workers reach sick children in South Sudan.

In South Sudan, children living in remote and hard-to-reach villages cannot see a doctor when they fall sick. 

Boma health workers treat sick children in their surrounding bomas (villages) for the most common illnesses including malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition. They also help mothers and other women by providing health education on hygiene, nutrition and family planning and support people with mental health concerns. 

"I prescribe medication for simple cases and refer serious ones to the health facilities for further diagnosis and treatment", says James, a Boma Health Worker in Terekeka. "I also provide health education on routine immunisation, family planning and proper use of mosquito nets". 

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James, a boma health worker in Terekeka county, treats a sick child being held by their mother.

Boma health workers often travel up to 20 miles per day on foot in scorching heat and carrying a heavy backpack. Providing them with bikes will shorten the travel time required to move between households and villages, to reach more children and people in need, particularly during an emergency! 

HealthNet TPO has teamed up with WeWard app to provide bikes for all 80 Boma Health Workers helping children in the counties Terekeka, Raja, Awiel West, Awiel North, Gogorial South, East and West in South Sudan.

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